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Presence Detection

Care and security in your everyday life

Our XeThru sensor technology can transform the way people live their lives and care for their families. It detects the movements of every person within the home, enabling an automated environment that thinks one step ahead of you.

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Respiration Monitoring

Advanced respiration monitoring with XeThru

Our technology’s non-contact approach transforms monitoring applications into invisible devices that accurately monitor breathing rate, breathing patterns and other vital information. Access to advanced and medical grade monitoring data is now made possible with XeThru.

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  • Tackling respiration monitoring with non-contact sensor technology

    Tackling respiration monitoring with non-contact sensor technology

    Respiration rate is an important vital sign that can provide insight into a person’s general state of health and quality of sleep. Breathing rate and breathing patterns are also considered good indicators of underlying medical conditions. While current technologies in today’s market promise accurate and dependable monitoring, the majority are less than ideal - either they are not accurate and require continual adjustment or are uncomfortable for subjects to use.

  • Arduino XeThru Radar Tutorial: controlling an LED with your breath

    Arduino XeThru Radar Tutorial: controlling an LED with your breath

    At Novelda, we are pleased when our XeThru modules find a new application - however it is extra special when developers also share their hardware setup, code and learnings. One such tutorial recently got posted by Øyvind at Build Electronic Circuits where he has written about his experience connecting the X2M1000 with an Arduino UNO. There is a nice description about the hardware and how a simple level converter and a breadboard connects the Arduino and XeThru module together.